IoT Intelligent connection

Project background

Traditional devices in the era of intelligence

Intelligent connection solution of Internet of things

Enterprise IOT wireless network

  • IoT Cloud platform

    Remote control equipment

    Batch management equipment

    Data statistics and processing

  • IoT join

    Convert RS485 / RS 232 / Modbus / Ethernet to wireless

    Convert Bluetooth / ZigBee / Lora to IP network

  • Edge computing IOT network

    Data can be stored locally

    Device control logic and data processing can be performed locally

Smart home gateway

The traditional house will be transformed into a smart house through the smart home system


  • ZigBee
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Mesh
  • Intelligent assistant

Platform advantages

IoT Cloud platform

Fast online

  • Based on mqtt, devices can be connected to the cloud in minutes
  • Easy ble to mqtt bridging for your application

Access to third-party cloud

  • Easily send data to AWS IoT
  • Protecting data with TLS

Cloud platform functions

  • Batch real-time management equipment
  • Data statistics and processing
  • Wi-Fi Spectrum analysis