4G intelligent router

MiFi is a MiFi product developed by our company, which supports ieee802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi Fi with a maximum wireless transmission rate of 150Mbps. The product has exquisite appearance and stable performance. It is a cost-effective product designed to meet the needs of wireless internet access through 4G / 3G signals in small enterprises, small businesses, families and other scenarios.

  • 4G LTE

    Mini PCIe interface module

  • 512GB


  • 5000mAh

    Built in battery

Portable router

Your portable travel companion

4G LTE to Wi-Fi network

Share 4G mobile broadband Internet connection via Micro SIM card

Greater storage and scalability

Pluggable MicroSD card USB disk for further expansion

Open source and programmable

Based on the open source platform of operwrt, it can be flexibly expanded

Enjoy remote work

Portable travel, home and business use

Gl-MIFI can use the unique site 2 site remote networking technology of INET. It can quickly establish remote virtual LAN, help realize the interconnection of computers / mobile phones / servers, and share important information such as documents, pictures, videos and databases. Meet your need for remote office anytime, anywhere.

Mass storage

Sharing files across devices

GL-MiFi has a built-in MicroSD slot and can support MicroSD cards up to 512gb. With additional storage space, you can store and download files on laptops and other compatible devices by creating a local disk.

Support custom development

Provide software customization and hardware customization services

GL-MiFi is easy to configure and the built-in module can be replaced for product upgrading and optimization. At the same time, it can be compatible with Cat4 and CAT6 modules of various brands.

  • Open source system

  • 4G LTE

  • 5000mAh

  • Memory expansion

  • Cloud platform

technical specifications