SpeedBox S2S

Enterprise pain point

Enterprise challenges

As more and more small enterprises compete to expand their market share, they hire talents not only locally but also globally.

In order to improve the work efficiency and synergy between teams, employees in small enterprises try to work remotely or on business trips, but most enterprise solutions can not meet their requirements of low budget and high customization.

Therefore, collaborative communication between most enterprise teams is usually expensive and complex.


Remote networking office solution

INET provides a simplified sd-wan solution: site 2 site virtual networking solution. By using the appropriate equipment and cloud platform of INET, a technical virtual local area network is built without changing the existing network deployment of the enterprise, so that the terminal devices between sites can access files, share databases and other operations with each other.

  • Simple networking

    The S2S network can be easily configured and deployed through the speedbox cloud platform. Enterprise users can use the existing network connection to deploy S2S without cumbersome configuration

    Automatic deployment

    By configuring the distribution feature, the cloud platform uniformly distributes the configuration required to establish the network connection between S2S sites, and automatically completes the networking

  • Network self recovery

    The S2S network can easily view the operation status of each site, start and stop the S2S network, and has the network self-healing function

    Safe and reliable

    The communication between sites is encrypted, and the business data between sites will not pass through the cloud platform. There is no third party involved in the business process, and the data will not be leaked

Application scenario

Global synergy

Company C is headquartered in Shenzhen, China (C-1), and has set up three branches worldwide: Office C-2 in Seattle, office C-3 in Dallas and office C-4 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In terms of collaborative work, the following problems need to be solved:

1)Developers from branches and headquarters need to share code base and cooperate in the development of software products;

2) After obtaining the order, the sales personnel of the branch need to directly fill in the order information to the ERP system of the headquarters factory. After receiving the ERP order, the headquarters factory can purchase materials and carry out production immediately.


  • Multiple offices in one
  • Share local resources

Visit headquarters

Company a has built a new factory due to business expansion. The following problems need to be solved in the new plant:

1) In order to enhance competitiveness, company a deployed ERP at its headquarters. The ERP server is deployed in the office, while the factory needs to access the ERP database because it needs to run the MRP process for procurement.

2) The factory has established the equipment information database (MySQL), and the R & D personnel in the office often need to access the database remotely.

3) The factory test equipment uses raspberry pie. When there is a problem, it needs to be developed to remotely access raspberry pie and debug it.


  • Access to headquarters software resources
  • Remote assistance support
  • Data security

Smart home

Controls the on and off of the home camera and stores its video to the home NAS.

You can remotely access smart appliances connected to the local area network through S2S instead of the Internet.

You can turn on the bedroom camera to easily monitor your baby's sleep, because S2S can achieve data and network security


  • Secure network, not involving third parties
  • Fast transfer of large files
  • Develop your own smart home applications / systems without vendor restrictions

Our advantages

Program advantages

  • low cost

    Without paying for expensive dedicated lines, users can easily establish a multi site network through portable router devices

  • security

    Data transmission between sites is encrypted

  • flexible

    Supports static routing tables.
    There is no need to change the existing topology.

  • focus

    Manage and monitor multiple networks through a central cloud platform

  • Zero configuration

    Automated zero configuration operations
    It adopts dynamic public network IP roaming technology and has self-healing functions